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there was an overnight rescue on mount tam and ktvu's brian flores has the exclusive video for you and we have new
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information. the u.s. senate passes an 11th-hour bill to avert the fiscal cliff. this morning, it's the house of representatives' turn. stanford fans are counting down the hours to today's big game. we have live coverage from pasadena on the 2013 rosebowl. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, january 1st, first day of 2013. topping our news -- hundreds of thousands of people gathered along san francisco's waterfront at midnight to ring in the new year. but it was a holiday celebration marred by violence. ktvu's alex savidge tells us a 12-year-old boy was among three people who were shot. alex? >> reporter: well, as thousands packed the waterfront last night, someone opened fire here on embarcadero close to pier 2.
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a total of two people shot here. one of them a 12-year-old boy. he was hit in the foot but is expected to be okay. now, this happened about 11:30 last night, as people were waiting for the fireworks show to begin in san francisco. along with the boy wounded, a man was grazed in the hip by a bullet. san francisco police say both of those shooting victims are being treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. at this point, it's unclear why the shooter began to fire or who their intended target was. just about an hour before that, there was another shooting along the waterfront. this one close to fisherman's wharf, near jefferson and mason. one person shot in the hand. police say that person's injuries request are not life- threatening. a search for the gunman came up empty. i put in a call to the police department's spokesperson about updates. i've not heard back so far. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2
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news. 7:02. early this morning, the u.s. senate passed a soil to avoid the fiscal cliff. so the measure now goes to the house of representatives. president obama released a statement praising the senate vote saying -- again, the house of representatives reconvenes at 9:00 this morning our time. coming up at 7:15, even if the house passes the senate bill, the contentious debate will continue in congress with more crucial deadlines in the coming weeks. 7:03. highway 12 in solano county, it has reopened after a head-on collision. four people were killed. this happened about 9:00 last night near the river bridge on highway 12. this is east of rio vista. the chp hasn't given us details about what may have caused the crash or if alcohol may have
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been involved. and law enforcement agencies were really everywhere during the night, cracking down, looking out for drunk drivers. dui checkpoints were set ulall over the bay area and chp officers were patrolling those highways. yesterday, the chp said the number of dui arrests were down compared to last year. but new numbers for this year's crackdown may be released sometime today. all right. 7:04. we want to check in again with tara. more about the accident in the south bay. >> one in mountain view, the one in the campbell area. 101 northbound at moveit boulevard is the first one -- move fet boulevard is the -- moffitt boulevard. this is a spinout accident. and kest campbell, it's a two- car crash. one lane is blocked. on the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving along, on the right side westbound as you drive to foster city.
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no problems. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's clear sailing into san francisco this morning. 7:04. here's steve. thank you, tara. well, a little system, most of you probably missed it. but it gave us cloudy skies a couple of hours ago. now we're starting to see this on the northern edge of it. it's moving through pretty fast. a couple of sprinkles from the city, san mateo coast, peninsula, skyline down the santa cruz mountains. most of it is gone. the low is zipping by. it does not have a lot of moisture with it. but it will usher in very cool air. already freeze hans frost advisories are posted for tomorrow. one low moved into southern california. here comes another one right there. so i mean, it's not much left of it. 30s now. temperatures starting to drop toward the north. 31 getting under clear skies. 30s for many. 7 up in tahoe. 27 in ukiah and redding and very cold air is arriving.
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so freeze watch in advance of that tonight into tomorrow morning and a frost advisory will take us into tomorrow as well. that frost advisory is heading toward the peninsula and off the coast. i think we're about done with it. it looks like clearing is already taking place to the north. the next system will split and move its energy. that's what's been happening with a lot of these systems. partly cloudy in the morning, mostly sunny, partly cloudy later on today. but a cool, breezy day. i will take those few showers out unless you are watching towards beautiful monterey. that's about it. 50s on the temperatures. low to mid-50s for everyone. the coolest temperatures will be inland. you add that north breeze and that can cut right through you. maybe not bad in the sun. but any shade or breeze, you will definitely notice it. temperatures stay on the cool side. very cool on wednesday. a little system off to the west will give us higher clouds thursday. it's out of here on friday. weekend looks dry and warmer. warmer? what? a little bit, yeah. 7:06.
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we will told you about the new year's eve violence in san francisco last night. police in sacramento are investigating a deadly shooting near a fireworks show. our reporter mike lori tells us two people were killed three others were hurt. what happened out there, mike? >> reporter: well, dave, sacramento police say they have the shooter in custody. the 22-year-old gunman is in the hospital right now. he too was shot it turns out by an armed sure guard who intervened and actually stopped the deadly shooting before it claims even more lives. we do know that two people are dead and three injured following a shooting this tack place a at a bar in old sacramento. one of those dead is an employee, believed to be a waiter who worked in the restaurant. the incident forced the cancellation of new year's eve celebrations, causing thousands of people to head for home without any fireworks at all. here's what one eyewitness told us about. >> we heard gunshots.
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the dude came into that hooka place shooting. come back out. ran around the corner and was firing down the sidewalk. some guy with a baby in a stroller, i watched him pick up stroller and throw it with his baby in it. i also saw other parents laying upon their children while this guy was the lunatic out in the street shooting at people. >> reporter: a live look at police who are still on the scene at 2nd and kay streets. the injured include a 30-year- old woman who was taken from the bar and transported to a hospital. the injured include the gunman and the armed security guard. police at this point are not revealing the identities or names of any of the people involved as their investigation continues. reporting live in old sacramento, mike leery, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, mike. before you go, quick question. i know they canceled the fireworks show. what was the reaction to that? >> reporter: well, people were very disappointed. there were actually two shows
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in one. the first one was a children's show. that went off without a hitch. they had the fireworks and then the adults were supposed to come in. this incident happened at 9:48. a lot of people were forced to go home. people were disappointed but realized there was an active crime scene involved and wanted to get home. >> thank you, mike. 7:09. pg&e customers will see changes to their bill in the new year. how some of the changes are tied to the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. plus -- according to a new ruling if you get hurt on a bumper car or some other ride at an amusement park, you can only blame yourself.
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starting to clear out. we had mostly cloudy skies. now partly cloudy. very cool and breezy coming down from the north.
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windchill in santa rosa is 26 degrees. bundle up. it will be cool but partly sunny to mostly sunny. 7:11. the u.s. senate passed a last- minute deal overnight to keep the country from going over that fiscal cliff but this is not a done deal yet. ktvu's kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom now breaking down -- this is very complicated exactly where we are right now. >> reporter: the u.s. senate pulled an all-nighter to do its part to avoid automatic income tax hikes and deep government spending cuts but the house has yet to approve the measure. senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein voted with the majority of the senate to extend the current tax rates for households making less than $450,000 a year and individuals making less than $400,000. but all of us will see less in our paychecks this year. that's because the senate measure did not extend the payroll tax holiday, meaning workers will lose out on another 2% of their pay. the senate move does extend federal unemployment benefits
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for 2 million americans for one year and it puts a freeze on congressional pay just days after president obama said they should get a raise. but much more is on the line in the coming weeks. the senate has put off dealing with government spending cuts for another two months and they need to address the debt ceiling and long-term budget plans. >> it's the debate we'll have next and it's a debate republicans are ready for. >> reporter: and the next debate is in the house. we'll see if they pass the senate deal when they get back to work in less than two hours. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:13. some san francisco workers can expect slightly bigger paychecks starting today. that's because the minimum wage just went up in the city. the minimum wage is now $10.5 in san francisco.
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the state minimum wage in california is $8 an hour. 7:13. pg&e customers, you'll see changes on your bill this month. starting today, electric bills go up about 2%. but gas rates, they are going down, almost 6%. however, the smaller gas prices, they won't last long. next month, pg&e will raise gas rates about 2% to help pay for pipeline safety upgrading. now, this was mandated by sit regulators after the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. well, a new california supreme court ruling says if you get hurt on a roller coaster or some other amusement park ride, don't expect the amusement park to pay for it. the high court ruled that people take a place when they doe side to go on a ride -- decide to go on a ride that could be pretty dangerous. you shouldn't blame the park if you get a minor injury. that decision follows a san jose woman's lawsuit against
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great america. she sued after breaking her wrist while riding bumper cars. 7:14. pinnacle's national monument could soon be turned into a national park. the site features tower-like rock formations and caves and is located east of highway 101. a bill would turn it into the 59th national park passed the senate and is awaiting the president's signature. barbara boxer and dianne feinstein signed the bill. 7:15. a rough start to the new year at point reyes national seashore where a road is closed. that's cutting off access to a popular beach. a big gap opened up right there on the road yesterday. park officials say there was a culvert under the road that failed. that road closure is affecting access to limatour beach, sky and the point reyes hostile.
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but all work facilities and trails are open. also still running at point reyes, a shuttle that takes visitors to see the whales and they say the first elephant sale pups have been born and migrating gray whales are also putting on a show for the park visitors. san francisco's tree recycling program kicks off tomorrow. residents are askinged to remove all decorations before -- are askinged to remove all decorations before before tomorrow. this recycling program runs through january 11th. >> all right. well, hope. >> thank you -- happy new year. >> thank you. steve paulson is here and he will tell us if we can expect warmer temperatures ahead. and a rough game for david
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akers. why he may have played his last game. here is the bay point/pittsburg area.
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one of the survivers of sunday's tour bus crash in oregon that killed nine people on sunday, he's talking about it now. police say that charter bus with more than 40 passengers lost control on an icy road on interstate 84 in pendleton, oregon. the bus then rolled 200 feet down a mountain canyon. investigators say a lot of the victims were actually thrown out of the bus. this survivor described the chaos. >> screamed and yelled, some mothers screamed to find their son or daughter. >> now, investigators think maybe 49 people were on that
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bus. a lot of them were foreign citizens. as we told you, nine people were killed. the officials are trying to identify the survivers separated from their passports, at least some of them went to ten different hospitals in three states. well, five hikers were fresno are safe. they were rescued in big sur. they were hiking near china amp in the los padres national forest friday night when they became lost. they called for help the next morning when the cell phonele thises were working again -- cell phones were working again. the chp went out there. men were all in their 20s. mon of them were hurt. there's just two days to visit the planner to yum at its current location. they are due to close their doors tomorrow night to help for the move to the embarcadero. it's due to reopen april 17th
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on pier 15. admission will be free tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and the museum is open today. 2012 -- you remember 2012 -- it was a record-breaking year at the box office. movie ticket sales hit an all- time high of $10.8 well. they are predicting 2013 could be even better. the number of high-profile sequels are due to hit the theater, including thor, ironman, superman, star trek and the hunger games. 49ers' head coach jim harbaugh will be trying out kickers to replace david aker. the team will holdouts this week and they will be competing for acres' job, including for the 49ers' next game. the first playoff game is january 12th. acres missed two field goals on sunday. but he did make two. the 15-year veteran has been struggling this season. he's 0th in the league in field
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-- 30th in the league in field goal percentage. harbaugh said it was not up to his standard. his job is to make field goals and he's not making them. and harbaugh is a pretty quick decision maker. he doesn't let people sit around. >> you see how a field goal can change the whole game. >> yes. 7:22. tara has something free for everyone. >> free parking in san francisco. >> aren't you sweet. >> my gift to you. meters will not be enforced. hope if you need to get out and -- happy new year if you need to get out and about. near thornton avenue, the chp is not saying what this is, perhaps it's a stalled car. in livermore, just wanted to show you 580 westbound. a little slow going coming from the tracy area. up next, a look at 280 at the
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880 split. no problems to report. at the macarthur maze in emeryville, traffic on the right side of your screen, heading to the bay bridge toll plaza where we have no delays. let's check in with steve. thank you, tara. if you are sitting under the covers, can't blame you. it's a little cool out there. not as cold as yesterday. we had mostly cloudy skies for a while. some of these are heading south. a little low came right on down from the pacific northwest. it's more of what we call an inside slider. it's mainly taking a path over the sacramento valley and then heading south. it did give a few brief showers. peninsula, san mateo coast, up in the santa cruz mountains. it's gone. some of that cold air is starting to work its way in. there's some very, very chilly readings to the north and east. some of that cloud cover is going to move south pretty rapidly. here comes the low. you can see it moving quickly. it's mainly to the south. partly sunny, cool, rezy. that will be a north wind and that will cut right through you. it will be cold out there. low 50s to mid-50s on the
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temperatures. but i don't think we'll see these highs last very long. very cold tomorrow morning, freeze and frost advisories posted in anticipation of it. friday into the weekend, i think it looks pretty good. the patterns will change. we're going dry for a while. 7:23. happening right now, just hours ago, a missing hiker in marin county was found. he was rescued near mount tamalpais. brian flores is out there right now. he's shivering in the cold but you can tell us how the man is doing. >> reporter: hi, dave. >> it's very cold out here. for firsts they say he's very -- for officials, they say he's very lucky to be alive. we've just learned he's just been found. just about a few minutes ago, he was transported to a hospital in san rafael where he's listed in fair condition. again, rescuers say he's very lucky to be alive. he was identified as dennis kline. he's a resident of mill valley.
7:26 am
officials say that yesterday afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00, he parked near the top of mount tamalpais with the intention of hiking down stenson beach. he called 911 saying he was lost and that he was disoriented and injured near a creek which is west near the top of the mountain. it was last night when they lolost contact with him. and this morning it took more than 65 mostly volunteer search and rescue crews to find him early this morning. the car was found at the ranger station. initial reports, he was just wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. last night reports were around 30 near the top of the mountain. they don't know the reason why he was out there with only a minimal amount of clothing but they say he frequents the area and likes to go on hikes and runs. >> this all began last night around 5:50 p.m. we received a phone call from an individual in distress, saying he had gone for a hike up. he gave us a rough idea where
7:27 am
he might have started his hike. he appeared to disoriented. he talked to dispappers and tried to give some explanation as to where he might be. some of the information he gave us was contradicting itself. we weren't sure where to begin our search efforts. >> reporter: now, originally, there was a chp helicopter that was originally supposed to be brought in to help essentially fly him down the mountain. but because of the heavy terrain and there's electrical issues out, they thought it was best to physically go up to the mountain. those 67 volunteers physically brought him down just about 15, 20 minutes ago. it took him about four hours to do so. once again, back out here live, again, mr. kline is safe and he's transported to a nearby hospital in san rafael where he's listed in fair condition. we're live here near mount tamalpais, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. good news there. we're just hours away from stanford's return to the
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rosebowl. coming up, a live report from southern california on today's big game. and california's new laws, hundreds of them including one for those driverless cars. we're live in san jose, where the mayor is trying to put his best foot forward on this new year's day. but we'll tell you why police officers weren't happy this morning when they were visited by him this morning when "mornings on 2" continues.
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thousands packed the waterfront to ring in the new year. the annual fireworks show at midnight lit up the sky at the embarcadero. up to 250,000 people showed up for the fireworks display on pier 14. there were some disturbances. tree people were injured by -- three people were injured by gunfire. ten arrests were made, eight for california drunkenness. allie rasmus is live to talk about one new law that will protect the roadways and one will protect homeowners. >> reporter: well, a total of 862 new laws go into effect. one of them is designed to protect homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure. now, this new law would prevent banks from starting the foyer process if the homeowner is also working with them on a
7:32 am
loan modification. previously, banks could begin the process of going through and possibly approving a loan modification while still going ahead with the foreclosure at the same time. now they cannot do that. two other new laws will give facebook users some new protections. it's now illegal for employers to require an employee's facebook password in order to protect their job. college universities are also prohibited from the same thing. and get ready to start seeing an odd site on some california roadways. driverless cars. a new law paves the way for testing these vehicles on roadless roads. google unveiled these earlier this year. now the cars can be driven on the road as long as a real person is watching over and supervising that test drive in case there is an emergency. with more than 800 new laws on bought, we can't go through
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them all. but we'll have another selection of three or four new laws that we'll tell you about in an hour from now in the next hour of "mornings on 2." back to you. 7:31. thousands of people celebrated the new year all over the bay area. the crowds started showing up on san francisco's embarcadero early last night getting a good spot for the fireworks show. the police were busy enforcing zero-tolerance for public drunkenness. one couple told us they planned ahead of time to celebrate 2013 in a responsible way. >> we have one martini and going straight home and going to bed. >> the taxis and public transit were with youcy -- busy. they were running around getting people safely back home. in san jose, some people like these texas paid $100 to -- like these paid $100 to be
7:34 am
at one party. and the fairmont says new year's eve is one of the busiest nights of the year. they had a ball in new york. got a million people from all over the world in times square. three hours before the ball dropped, there was so many people out there, they couldn't even get close enough to really see the ball. and things were different this year besides all of the kisses. there were no food vendors out, no public toilets around and security was very, very tight. we've posted a slide show of new year's celebrations from all over the world. go to our channel 2 website, click on the images tab. 7:3. happening -- 7:33. san jose's mayor is visiting police and firefighters as he traditionally does early on new year's day. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live to explain why some officers are not exactly giving the mayor a warm
7:35 am
welcome. >> reporter: several officers told me off camera that they thought it was insulting that the mayor wanted to show up at their briefing. we're told when he walked in half a dozen police officers left. they were upset because of the way they think he's treated the department. the mayor thanked them and offered them baked goods. chris moore is retiring at the end of the month in part because of the challenges he faces with the city's budget and staffing as well as low morale among officers. there's been a mass exodus of officers retiring and resigning. 100 have left the department. many are upset over the pension measure. the police officers union is suing the city saying it is illegal. the mayor took the criticism in stride and talked about his outlook for 2013. >> i think things will improve in 20. i think we'll -- 2013. i think we'll rebuild our plan
7:36 am
through savings and revenue. we'll have more money. as we have more spending, we need to rebuild the police department. >> reporter: 012 ended with 46 homicide -- 2012 ended with 46 homicides ending. property crime is on the rise. the mayor said the search for a new chief is going smoothly. they expect to have a candidate in the next couple weeks. the mayor is visiting with police and fire dispatchers and plans to visit six fire stations across the city. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:35. on a lighter note. it's a tie for who had the bay area's first baby of the new year. two babies were born at the stroke of midnight at local hospitals. a baby boy was born at subtle
7:37 am
delta at midnight. another baby was born at alta beat summit medical -- alta bate summit medical center. we don't know if it's a boy or a girl. tara is checking on traffic. >> we had an accident pop up between hellard and blossom. this was a rollover crash involving two cars. two lanes were blocked. but the chp just opened them up again. up here in mountain views we have a solo crash. it looks like it's alcohol- related. minor injuries. this accident still has one lane blocked but it should be clear. in 880, traffic is looking good. and at the golden gate bridge, traffic is flowing very nicely into san francisco. here's steve.
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i want to thank the ladies for tweeting me and letting me know about the sprinkles. i know there were a couple. that system there. the cold air is coming in. the clearing is coming from from behind it. san mateo coast, peninsula and down to santa cruz. came right down out of the north right down the old elevator vast. the systems are stronger in southern california. these systems are cutting off. that's why the system is gonna change. one part of this system will go north, the other part about go south. partly cloudy, chilly, breezy. it will be cold with that north wind in place. mostly sunny, breezy and cool this afternoon. now, temperatures were up for a while. but now the clearing is taking place at least to the north. you can see 31, santa rosa. if it weren't for the breeze, napa could be colder.
7:39 am
i've seen lower temperatures than that. a little breeze as well. antioch, 33. low 40s. oakland in there, hayward, redwood city, mountain view and even san jose. a little bit more cloud cover. 7 up in tahoe. 34 sacramento. 27 in ukiah, and a lot of 20s in lake county. tonight will be really cold. the system, it's rotating and accelerating into southern california. it will take the cloud cover with it. mostly sunny today. breezy and cool. there it goes. that cloud cover did produce a few little showers. mostly sunny but there will be a no doubt about it north wind in place and that means chilly and breezy. maybe one of those days when you are in the sun. you hit that breeze and shade. 50s on the temperatures. and not much change. 50 to 55. coolest temperatures inland. warmest temperatures will be closer to the bay an also the coast but really there's not gonna be too much of a difference in these 54 and 55s and they don't last long.
7:40 am
the system is leaving behind cool air. for wednesday, already a frost and freeze advisory. it will be cold and sunny. the little system will give us some higher clouds, mid-level clouds on thursday. no biggie. it's out of here for the weekend. i think the next system goes south as well. leaving us high and dry. maybe a little warmer. tori. all eyes will be on the house of representatives this morning. the house set to vote on the senate's fiscal cliff bill passed early this morning. will they give it the green light? and where that blood clot that hospitalized hillary clinton was located and when she may be able to go home.
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one of the most anticipated events of new year's day is the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. it's the 124th year of the big parade. about a million people are expected to line the parade route. the them is the places you'll go. some of the people wanting to watch stake their spots as soon as they were allowed to do so. that was yesterday at noon. that means they had to camp out overnight as temperatures dipped into the mid-40s. it's supposed to be sunny day. sanford fans are focused on the rosebowl game. they are a six-point favorite to beat wisconsin. fred ingles is live from los angeles. fred, we know being a favorite, no guarantee of a win, though. >> reporter: no, absolutely not. it will be an upset if, in fact, stanford does not win this ballgame, however. you talked about the temperature, tori. you know, it's lower than mid-
7:44 am
40s. i mean, last night it got down to the high 30s here. it was chilly. we are stationed here in los angeles. we're about to go to pasadena about 25 miles away from here. but, yeah, getting back to the team itself, yes, yesterday we were downtown in l.a. they had a rally for the stanford cardinal. no coaches, no players showed up for it. they were hunkered down. they were sequestered, if you will, and they became what you would say into a football mode here because there was so much going on through jute the week for them. but they are now understanding the situation here. they are in the rosebowl for the first time in 13 years. one of the guys that you really have to talk about is kevin hogan, the red shirt freshman quarterback, if you will, kevin hogan. he started four games. he's won all four game since he started. they were all against ranked them, that's including the pac- 12 championship in which he led
7:45 am
them over ucla. now, kevin hogan, a guy that nobody really talked about at the beginning of the year, suddenly, he comes in. he's more noble than josh nunez. he electrified the offense. they have a great running back in stephen taylor. they have an all-american tight end in a man called zach urtz who came out of monte vista high school in danville. this is an offense that's become much less predictable with this red shirt freshman, hogan. he's thrown nine touchdowns. he's been intercepted only three times. he's run for a couple of touchdowns in those games. he's the second leading rusher in the stanford/cardinal team just because he's able to do so much so. a lot of people are saying he was the colin kaepernick, a guy that's coming this and turned
7:46 am
the offense around. it will be a big game. the wisconsin badgers coming in at 8-5. this is their third consecutive year in the rosebowl. they've lost their last two. they have a lot of motivation as well. but the stanford cardinal, they understand the rosebowl. they've played in the rosebowl. at least this year, they played in november against ucla. so this is familiar territory for them. i don't think this is too big of an issue for them. they are not overwhelmed by the situation. the kickoff is at 2:10. we'll have a live report after that game later on in the 6:00 news. but right now, go, stanford, tori! >> and i love the roses next to you. thank you, fred ingles. and there will be huge viewing parties for the fans. the dutch goose in menlo park, the republic in san francisco's marina district. compadres rio grill and the old western saloon in point reyes
7:47 am
station are among some of the places hosting parties for stanford alumni. all eyes are on the house of representatives in washington. this is after the u.s. senate approved a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff about 2:00 this morning. rene marsh has been following all of this in washington, d.c., she's back with us to tell us when will probably happen when the house reconvenes this morning. renee? >> reporter: good morning, dave. you know, we have some new information, new developments happening here that we're just learning about. we told you in the last hour that the house will be returning to capitol hill in just over an hour from now. once they are on capitol hill, we now know from the -- from this e-mail from sources telling cnn that all of the house republicans will have a meeting, about an hour after they arrive on capitol hill. once they have that meeting and they get out of that meeting, we understand that a decision will be made on whether they
7:48 am
will even vote on this fiscal cliff package. many people thought that perhaps they would try to get this done today. now there is a big question as to whether they will even vote on the package today as far as the house goes. so that's just coming in. but let's talk about last night. that's when we saw vice president biden on capitol hill and when we saw him there, many people knew at that point, that a deal had been struck biden and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell, they had been working together to figure out this compromise. in the end what we're seeing individuals making $400,000 or more and families making $450,000 or more each year, they will receive their taxes go up an those automatic spending cuts will -- and those automatic spending cuts will be delayed in thele beginning of march. the cost to delay those cuts. >> $24 become. they will pay for that by using
7:49 am
spending cuts. now the final vote in the senate was 89-8. you saw it was overwhelming there. the key question, what will the house do? will they pass it, amend it or strike it down altogether? it remains to be scene. back to you. >> thank you. that senate vote avoids the so-called dairy fiscal cliff. it exlends through -- it extends through september. without that legislation, milk prices were expected to double next month up to as much as $8 a gallon. doctors now say secretary of state hillary clinton will make a full recovery from a blood clot in her head. doctors say the clot is in a vein between her brain and her skull and it's right behind her right here. she's being treated with blood
7:50 am
thinners. once the doctors find the right level of medication, sect clinton is expected to be -- secretary clinton is expected to be released. she reportedly is making excellent progress and is said to be in good spirits. meantime, there is a senate report out about the ben ghazi, libya attack. it -- benghazi, libya attack. some republicans have questioned whether the president's staff may have rewritten the statements for political reasons. 7:49. tonight, vigils will be held in two east bay communities for a young woman what died after being gang raped in india. the attack has sparked outrage for demonstrators calling for more protection from women. and local will hold a vick criminal at the hindu tell -- vigil at the hindu temple.
7:51 am
oakland police are offering a reward up to $15,000 for information leading to a conviction in the fatal shooting of a teenaged girl. police say 15-year-old jubrille johnson and a 14-year-old boy, a male friend, were walking to the coliseum b.a.r.t. station in east oakland sunday afternoon when they were shot in broad daylight. jubrille johnson was killed. the 14-year-old was shot in the foot and is expected to recover. now howard jorden is asking for the community's help identifying the shooter who may be as young as -- as young as 13. >> it's very, very, disheartening and embarrassing to myself as a police chief. >> the chief said this is particularly hard for him because he has two teen daughters. part of the nhl may be saved today. more than half of the original
7:52 am
nhl schedule has been canceled because of a lockout. but yesterday, the players union gave a counteroffer to the league. they may get a response to it by this morning. now, a deal, proposed deal, would have to be reached by about january 11th in order to have a 48-game hockey season. if approved, the games would begin no later than january 19th. the oakland raiders are cleaning house. the team fired greg knap and three assistant coaches yesterday. but they are keeping dennis alan and the general manager, reggie mckenzie. the raiders lost to the chargers that ended their season. a record of 12 wins, 4 losses. seven head ball coaches, five general managers and one chief operating officer were fired yesterday around the nfl. nine minutes before 8:00. the search for clues as san jose investigates the 46th
7:53 am
homicide of 2012. also a new year means big changes for same-sex couples in maryland. what a lot of couple couples were able -- what a lot of couples were able to do at the stroke of midnight. [ male announcer ] subway has so many
7:54 am
heart-healthy and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals, from the tempting turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach to the protein-rich roast beef, and more. all five grams of fat or less. try 'em with juicy, ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers or crisp green peppers. start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh.
7:55 am
fireworks lit up the night sky in las vegas. hundreds of thousands people were on the strip to celebrate the new year and to see the fireworks. the light show lasted for eight minutes after being launched from the rooftops of seven casinos. 7:54. san jose investigators are checking surveillance video this morning trying to solve the 46th homicide of the year. yesterday morning a man was shot and killed in the parking garage of an apartment complex on lewis road off monterey highway. witnesses said victim got into an argument with two men before he was shot. now, police detained several people. they also say they recovered a weapon. later on today, family members and friends of oscar
7:56 am
grant will gather. they will mark the 4th anniversary of his death. on january 1st, 2009, he was shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police officer, johannes mehserle, on the platform of the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station in oakland. he's on parole after being released from prison in june of 2011. oscar grant's family and friends will go back to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station at noon. they will pay tribute to his life through poetry, music and the release of balloons. same-sex couples in maryland celebrated the new year by tying the knot. this is video of the first couples to get married after midnight, same-sex couples have been able to get marriage licenses since december 6th but they did not take effect until this morning. nine states and the district of columbia now approve of same- sex marriages. 7:55. tara's back. there's been another accident in oakland.
7:57 am
>> that's right, 880 northbound at the 29th avenue offramp. a car is in the sent evdivider -- center divider. toward the caldecott tunnel and through orinda, traffic is moving nice. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays into san francisco. same story at the san mateo bridge. traffic on the right headed westbound. here's steve. thank you. well, mostly cloudy skies and our system is dropping south into southern california. did give us a few sprinkles. it's cold out there, cold, cold. heard from nancy. 36 degrees. and you can see the clearing place rapidly from behind the system, san mateo coast, peninsula, skyline, down to the santa cruz mountains, there were a few sprinkle. 30s. a little breeze as well makes it cool, breezy, blustery, most of this system we're on the northern edge of it.
7:58 am
clouds came -- vancouver, seattle, it's over us now. it's on its way to the rosebowl to watch stanford. mostly sunny, cool, breezy day. that's a north wind and i will tell you, that will cut through it. it could be blustery here. low 50s for some, mid-50s but i think some upert 40s and the higher elevation. cold tomorrow morning, frost and freeze warnings posted this advance of it. it will be sunny. first couple of weeks of january will be dry, i think, which makes sense because october, november and december were above average on rain. if you have a car, there's some new smog requirements. this doesn't just affect drivers. why some smog station owners say they may be forced to close down. >> reporter: san francisco police searching for the people who opened fire during last night's new year's eve celebration leaving three
7:59 am
people wounded. how young one of those victims was. >> reporter: he was only wearing a t-shirt and jones but a missing hiker was found surviving 30-degree weather. we'll have more when "mornings on 2" continues. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way.
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8:01 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, january 1st, 2013. happening right now, a missing hiker was rescued hours ago near mount tamalpais after being lost all night out in the cold. ktvu's brian flores is there to tell us who he is and how he's doing, brian. >> reporter: good morning. we understand that the missing hiker was found just a few minutes ago. from what we understand talking with officials just a few minutes ago, he's in fair condition but they tell us that she's showing some signs of hypothermia. again, he was transported to a hospital in san rafael where he is right now listed in fair condition. they say he's lucky to be alive. he's been identified as dennis kline. he's a resident of mill valley. officials say that yesterday afternoon around 5:00, he parked near the top of mount
8:02 am
tamalpais with the intention of hiking down to stenson beach. a few hours later, he called 911 saying he was lost and disoriented and injured near a creek west of the top of the mountain. sometime last night, they lost contact with him on his cell phone. that's when emergency crews, which mostly consisted of about 65 volunteer rescue crews from around the bay area, they found him early this morning. his car was found at the station near the top. initial reports were he was just wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. they say they don't know the reason why he was that youer -- up there. he frequents the area and likes to go on hikes and runs. >> we're told he's in fair condition. he's been out in the elements since i -- i don't know expectly when. we had temperatures being in the upper 30s. some places maybe even freezing. so very fortunate. i'm told he's in good and fair
8:03 am
condition. >> reporter: originally there was a chp helicopter sent to fly him down the mountain but because of the heavy terrain and they tell us there was some electrical issues as well in the area but mainly there were a lot of trees. it was just best physically to bring him down the mountain. again about 60 or so mostly volunteer search and rescue teams brought him down the mountain. it them about four hours to do. dennis kline, he's from mill valley. he was brought to an area hospital this morning. he's listed in fair condition. but again, authorities say that he's just lucky to be alive. we're live here near mount tamalpais, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. tens of thousands of people went to see the new year's fireworks along the embarcadero. three people were victims of gunfire. alex savidge is live with the details on the new year's eve shooting that sent a boy and two others to the hospital. >> reporter: good morning. that was a 12-year-old boy actually shot in the foot. he's expected to be okay.
8:04 am
one of three people wounded last night during the new year's eve celebration here in san francisco. one of those shootings happened right here along embarcadero close to pier 23. that boy was wounded here and also a man was grazed in the hip by a bull. this happened around -- bullet. this happened around 11:30 right as people were wait for the fireworks show to get started. both of those victims are being treted for nonlife-threatening injuries. it's unclear why there were shots and who the in -- intended target was. there was another shooting near fisherman wharf between jefferson and mason. one person was shot there. his injuries are not life- threatening. a search by officers in that area came up empty for a search. police have not announced any arrests in connection with either of those shootings that happened last night during the new year's eve celebration. i did put in a call this
8:05 am
morning. we reached out several times to the department spokesman for the san francisco police department looking for updates on both of those investigations. we have not yet heard back this morning. we're live this morning in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:03. police reported making ten misdemeanor arrests related to new year's revelry on the embarcadero. eight of the ten were arrested for public intoxication. two arrests were for other crimes that officers did not specify. a deadly shooting in old sacramento forced the cancellation of the midnight fire works show. two people were killed at a sports bar shortly after 9:30. authorities say it started with an argument that turned physical. when an employee went to break up the fight, police say the suspect, a 22-year-old man, pulled out a gun and started shooting. the employee and another man were fatally shot. another woman was shot but she's expected to survive. witnesses describe the chaotic
8:06 am
scene. >> everybody just just scattered. we just went to the store. >> police say the suspect and armed security guard exchanged gunfire. both are being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. new rules for a smog test take effect starting today. not everyone likes it. the new law requires both smog stations and technicians to be star certified to be allowed to inspect certain vehicles. the technic nixes will be graded on -- the technicians will be graded on whether the cars they inspect fail in two years. some say this will help people lose cuz commerce. >> i can't make your car fail or pass. >> the state says only 36% of
8:07 am
the vehicles are directed at stations. the state says the testing will lead to cleaner air. coming up for you at 8:30, allie rasmus will be back. she'll have a live report on other california laws, new laws that take effect today. she'll also explain how this could affect you. highway 12 in solano county has reason odd -- reopened following a head-on collision where four people were killed. the accident happened around 9:00 last night near the mukllumny bridge east of rio vista. the chp has not released any details including what caused the crash or if alcohol was involved. the chp was out in force last night. dui checkpoints were set up across the area. the chp was patrolling the highways. the number of dui arrests were down compared to last year. but new numbers for last night's crackdown should be
8:08 am
released later today. 8:06. tara's back. how did you fix it, that everyone is banking themselves on new year's morning just because you are here? >> i think so. that probably has a lot to do with it and muni, caltrans, sam train offered free rides last night. we've seen a couple of drunk driving arrests. but the numbers are down. this is highway 4. you can see not a lot of folks on the roadways. hopefully they are sleeping in. san francisco, here is a look at 101, you can see the sun coming up here. traffic on the right-hand side. southbound as you make the drive toward sfo. 280 in san jose. traffic is looking great in both directions. 8:07. steve? >> tara. >> how is it going? >> it's going well. how are you? >> good.
8:09 am
happy new year. >> you too. it's cold out there. a few sprinkles, light showers. right along the peninsula. also up in the santa cruz mountains, most of that is gone. the clouds are drifting south. the cool air is coming in. it will be a cool, breezy day. it will still be mostly sunny. a little bit of tiny patchy fog. tracy in petaluma said 30 degrees. next system coming in will split. i think we've noticed that pattern. all of these systems are not doing much for us. the first couple of weeks of january look quiet. october, november, december. we're above average on rain. we're do for a stretch of drier weather. things can change fast but that's what i've seen so far. 30s on the temperatures. mainly 0s. that cold air is will continue to filter in. the colder air a -- arrives tonight. a frost advisory for everyone
8:10 am
else. that will start tonight and goes through wednesday morning. it will be sunny but rezy and cool. the clouds are already on -- breezy and cool. the clouds are already on their way to southern california. here comes the next system zipping by. that will give us a few light showers. mostly sunny. kind of a cool, breezy day. gusts to about 20, 25. some umer 40s or very low 50s for some, especially inland up to mendocino county, lake county. danville, 51. livermore is in there, 54 oakland, berkeley, alameda. there is a breeze there. that will take the breeze off any other temperatures. but temperatures will start to drop isn't really fast. there will 20s and that frost advisory will be with us along with the freeze watch. even though tomorrow looks sunny it will be very cold in the morning. partly cloudy in the system to the west. i think the next system goes into southern california. and we're left high and dry. 8:09. the faa is ordering more
8:11 am
inspections of boeing 737 jets. all of this stems from an incident involving a southwest airlines jet there was an emergency landing after part of the roof ripped open. the faa wants more detailed ns for cracks a -- inspections for cracks along the top of those planes. california's sales tax goes up .25 up, up to 7.50% because of the rotor -- because of the voter-approved prop 30. that translates to about -- this does not apply to gas. if you live in alameda county, you will notice a change when you go to the grocery store. there will be no more plastic bags at the checkout. it will also cost you 10 crepts to get a recycled paper bag if you don't bring your own. this new rule affect, grocery stores, mini-marts, pharmacies
8:12 am
who sell food and alcohol. 57 other counties already impose the bans. the new year means looking ahead and making resolutions. hundreds of people were drawn to the edge of the pacific as the sun sets on 2012. for some, it was the perfect time and place for reflection and resolution. >> it's amazing. the last sunset of the year. it's a great way to end the year. >> once the sun went down, people gathered around bonfires to keep warm and talked about how they are gonna improve their lives in 2013. we have new information about a fast-moving house fire. it happened in petaluma. what we know about a hero firefighter who was not even on the clock. and problems for the academy awards. why there are problems for voting and will it delay the nominations? ♪
8:13 am
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[ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪
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no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. well, it's a cold one out there. mostly clear. now breezy, chilly. if you are home under the blanket, hunker down. it won't be very warm. upper 40s and low 50s. a cool, breezy day. in just about three hours from right now, california water officials will conduct the first snow survey of the winter season. officials say the early storms we had helped show the reading content of the snowpack is at 146% of normal. today's measurements will take
8:16 am
place off highway 50 near echo summit. it's also the first day of the new year which you know ba we also have our first spare- the-air day. yep. it's illegal to burn wood, fire logs, pellets or any other solid fuels. in less than an hour, the house of representatives will meet to gauge support for the u.s. senate plan for going over the fiscal cliff. kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with new information about what's next. kyla? >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi is not saying whether or not she approves of the senate plan. we do know that democrats are meeting in about an hour and we just got off the phone with the white house. they tell us vice president joe biden will be at that meeting. the republicans are meeting separately about an hour after that. now, the senate passed its deal more than two hours after their midnight deadline. that plan will raise income
8:17 am
taxes on households making $450,000 a year and individuals making $400,000. it lets the payroll tax holiday expire so all workers will lose another 2% of their paychecks. the senate's move does extend federal unemployment benefits for 2 million americans for one year. later today, we should have a better idea if the house supports the senate deal. neither party is thrilled did with the destation about the decision regarding income taxes. leaders on both sides of the aisle want time to look over the legislation. house speaker john boehner plan to vote on this deal or an amended version of it sometime today or tomorrow. live in washington, d.c., kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. we have new details about a petaluma house fire on sunday where the flames shot several feet into the air. now we're learning that an off- duty firefighter saw the smoke
8:18 am
on sunday, went to the house on tampico court and told the people who lived there to get out. two children and an adult were able to get out safely. the fire caused about $00,000 damage. the cause of it is still under investigation. well, you the public you are invited to a meeting next week about closing down a shell avenue fire station in martinez. contra costa fire district officials say people who live in the area will be able to say how they feel about it, also get information on how the closure will affect fire services in the area. county supervisors voted to close town four fire stations last month after voters rejected measure q which would have imposed a property tax to raise about $17 little for fire stations. that meet something due to begin at 6:30 next thursday night at martinez high school. 8:17. two of the suspects arrested in last month's deadly home invasion are scheduled to face a judge this week on saturday.
8:19 am
police announced they arrested three suspects on suspicion of homicide. they are accused of killing a man late last month during a home invasion robbery. police say his wife was also beaten. this is the victim. he had a child out of wedlock and the woman tried to come at him for hundreds of thousands of dollars. those court documents also show he had a past with prostitutes ands with charged for violent behavior fueled allegedly by alcohol. 8:18. the coast guard is trying to salvage a shell oil rig that ran aground in the gulf of alaska. authorities say it broke free from tow ships in rough water and then ran aground on an uninhabited island near the alaskan coast. it's believed to be carrying 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
8:20 am
the coast guard is watching anything. they've not seen any signs of an oil sheen. the coast guard rescued the ship's crew before it ran aground. sonoma county is considering a plan to regulate taxi drivers. now, the ordinance would require annual permits that could cost those cab drivers more than $400 a year. some of the cabdrivers worried this will really hurt their wallets. the county officials say the proposal would only affect a few cabs, mostly in unincorporated areas that are not already licensed by local cities. the board of supervisors could take up this issue as early as next month. 8:19. voting is being extended by one day for this year's oscar nominations because of a problem with a new voting system. the new deadline is january 4th which gives voters an extra day to cast their ballots. the motion pictures academy says some are having problems making the transition to a new online voting system.
8:21 am
nominations are still scheduled to be announced on january 10th. the rock band green day is heading back on the road but not for a few more months. the band announced new tour dates yesterday. this comes after the band canceled the rest of its 2012 tour and postponed several 2013 dates when lead sanger billy joe armstrong's substance abuse problems emerged in september. armstrong says he's getting better every day and the show must go on. the tour is scheduled to begin on march 28th. all right. 8:20. how bay area police crack down on a dangerous you this year's eve tradition. we'll show you how police on the peninsula tried to stop new year's eve gunfire before it even started. and we're off to a cold start in the new year. up next, meteorologist steve paulson will tell us about a freeze watch in the forecast. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see traffic looking good. we do have some windy areas. i'll have that -- coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
you want to see fireworks? look at this. the space needle in seattle lit up as thousands celebrated the new year. fireworks were triggered on the sides and on the top of the space needle. looks sharp, too. this year, officials say there was more movement and less smoke. 8:23. police in east palo alto use the shot spotter technology to
8:25 am
crack down on dangerous -- on a dangerous new year's eve tradition. last night, four teams of officers patrolled several neighborhoods to catch people who shoot guns into the air in celebration. they focused on neighborhoods where gunfire has erupted in the past and areas that showed up on their shot spotter system. we're hoping we can get them out there quick enough. >> and maybe you keep them from continuing -- >> continuing, yeah. and that's our main goal is just to deter them. >> police also passed out fliers as a warning last night to try to stop the gunfire before it started. 8:24. for those of you who are up with us, tear vau here watching our commute -- tara is here watching our commute. it's getting windy. >> did is in the oakland area -- it is in the oakland area. look at this around here for the past several minutes, really moving. make shire you have both hands on the wheel this morning.
8:26 am
at the golden gate bridge, no delays into san francisco or marin county and highway 237 milpitas, same story. we saw some drunk driving accidents in the south bay earlier this morning but the road way is really come calming down and looking clear. here's steve. we had some cloud cover and a little bit of sprinkles this morning, early probably before most of you woke up. it was from the coast, skyline. it's all gone now. that system, a little mover right there. just coming down through the sacramento valley on its way down to southern california. the pattern's changed. everything is coming in. the systems come in. parts go north, parts go south. can't get rid of that. 30s and 40s. we'll end up with a cool, breezy day, mostly sunny. upper 40s, low 50s for some. temperatures rearly not changing too much -- really not changing too much. more on that in ten minutes. get ready.
8:27 am
the rosebowl, now just hours away. stanford football fans are eager to see their team play wisconsin and the cardinal will be well represented among the 90,000 fans at the rosebowl. >> reporter: new laws go into effect today. one of them has to do with your boss getting access to your facebook account today. we'll explain -- coming up. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where the mayor is putting his best foot forward visiting police and firefighters on this new year's day. we'll tell you why some are not happy to see him this morning. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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that's a fireworks show. thousands of people packed san
8:30 am
francisco's waterfront to celebrate the new year 2013 and see a show like that. the annual fireworks show lit up the sky down at the embarcadero. an estimated 50,000 people were there for the foyer works display on pier 14. well, 2013 also means california has hundreds of new laws that just took effect today. and dozens of those laws are health-related. ktvu's allie rasmus in oakland now to tell us about one controversial law. this one involves birth control. what's that all about, allie? >> reporter: we'll get to that one in just a second. not only are these new laws health-related some so. them have to do with social media. two facebook laws that are prosupposed to protect -- that are supposed to protect facebook uers. it's now illegal for any employer to ask for an employee or job applicant's user i.d. and password to their facebook accounts. now your boss cannot get access
8:31 am
to your personal facebook account if you do not want him or her to have access to it. the same applies to colleges and universities. they are also prohibited are doing the sale think. they can no longer -- same thing. they can no longer ask for students or prospectish students' accounts. a new law bans carrying unloaded rifles in public except when those rifles are being used for hunting, target practice at licensed gun shows or in parades. this new law, they have to do with access to birth control. registered nurses not just doctors can now dispense birth control pills and other forms of birth control devices in primary care clinic. previously registered nurses could only do that if they signed off with a physician first. now they don't have to. supporters say it will help people gain access to birth control, especially in remote
8:32 am
areas where there is a shortage of doctors. there are a total of 876 new laws that go into effect in california today. we eve can't go through all of them -- we obviously can't go through all of them. they are on the website. back to you. >> thank you. thousands of people celebrated the new year all over the bay area. the crowds started showing up on san francisco's embarcadero early to get a good spot for the fireworks show. police enforced zero-tolerance for public drunkenness. one couple of said they planned to celebrate in a responsible way. >> he had one martini. i didn't have nothing. going straight home and going to bed. >> taxis were running late to get people safely home. in san jose, downtown was the place to be for new year's eve parties. some people played $100 for the
8:33 am
harenheight and -- fairenheight and lounge. consider considers. >> nearly 1 million people from all over the world gathered in times square last night to ring in the new year. three hours before the ball dropped, there were so many people you couldn't even get close enough to see it. there were no food vendors and public toilets and security was extremely tight. we posted a slide show. go to and click on the images tab. 8:32. happening now, a san jose new year's tradition, the mayor is visiting police and firefighters, but this time it's controversial. ktvu's janine de la vega live in san jose to explain why. janine? >> reporter: the mayor just left fire station 15. he was inside earlier having coffee with the firefighters. it's an annual tradition for
8:34 am
him to meet with firefighters and police officers on this new year's eve to thank him. but not everyone is happy to see hill. mayor reed also paid a visit to police at headquarters. off camera some officers said they were insulted because he came to thank them for their work because of the way he's treated the mayor. he's been unpopular with the officers ever since he championed a measure that affects to pension. this triggered a mass exodus of officers to retire or resign, including police chief chris moore who leaves in three weeks. >> the search is underway. we have a strong pool. we'll be interviewing people early in the month of january. hopefully we'll have a name pretty soon of the next chief. >> reporter: now, this is video of the mayor and city councilman visiting with firefighters thanking them for their hard work. firefighters also made concessions to their pay and
8:35 am
pen fits when the city asked them to make those concessions off camera. we many are not supporters because of the cuts made to staffing in the fire department. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. it's a tie for the first bay area baby of 2013. two babies were born at the stroke of midnight at local hospitals. a baby boy was born at sutter delta medical hospital at midnight. at the exact same time, another baby whose sex has not been release was born at alta bates. >> way to go, babies, mom, and dad, congratulations. tara's back, it's nice to say we don't have any problems, right? >> it is. right now the roadways are looking pretty clear. let's head outside. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see we don't have too many folks out there. we were seeing wind in the oak area. our cameras have been bobbing
8:36 am
around out there. right now we're go in head to latte yet, highway 24, looking good in both directions, especially on the right as you make the drive to the caldecott tunnel and 680 near the sunol grade in fremont, same story. here's steve. >> thank you, tara. we had mostly cloudy skies for a while. now we're mostly sunny but there is a definite chill in the morning air. temperatures, 30s and 40s. it will be really cold. even though it's mostly sunny. we have a north wind and that system that gave us clouds and a few sprinkles main on the peninsula is now moving rapidly into central california. it will be in southern california in a couple of hours. 30s on the temperatures. we got held up by some of that cloud cover earlier. there won't be any cloud cover tonight and tomorrow. maybe the breeze but wind protected areas will be in the 20s and also 30s. the pattern is definitely changed. we had above-average rain in october, november and december. these systems look good. when you take one part of it, the northern part, it goes north. the southern part goes to
8:37 am
southern california, we're left in between. so these systems are shearing apart. we get the higher clouds. 5 up in tahoe. 28 ukiah, 28 clearlake. checking in with chloe up there. it will be very cold tonight. because of that, already for tonight into tomorrow, a freeze watch is out for the -- a watch means we think it will happen. a warning means it's happening. the system is sliding south and might pick up showers in southern california. keep an eye on that for the rosebowl. you can see there is a little bit for the system. mostly sunny, cool and breezy, a north wind in place and when that starts to pick up a little bit, it can cut right through you. also i think out to the inland areas but by the coast around the bay, some mid-50s. but with that north wind in place. it might be cooler than that. tonight we'll drop them off the table. the chill equals an area of frost. frost advisory. that will take us into the bay
8:38 am
for everyone. clearing, cold, tonight. today is cool and breezy. the weekend now looks mostly sunny to me. maybe a little bit warmer. okay, steve. 8:36. well, the famous tournament of roses parade is this full swing. bob decastro is live in pasadena right now. i love that parade, bob. you can show us some of what's going on right now. >> reporter: absolutely. happy new year, dave and tori. nice to see you. here we are, yes, some of the floats started to go down colorado boulevard at 8:00 this morning. you see some of the mounted units are about -- there are about 40 some odd floats in this parade. as you know, it takes a long time to put all of these floats together, about a year in the making. every inch of the floats has to be covered in some kind of fresh material or natural material. many of these floats have tens of thousands of flowers just dripping from these floats.
8:39 am
so about 900,000 people came to the tournament of roses parade last year, this is the 124th annual parade and they expect that much to come out here this morning. giving you a look at one of the floats as it comes down here, all of the places we go, oak the places you can go -- oh, the places you can go, the big theme this year. i threed to find some people in the -- i tried to find some people in the bay area. i got some people from southern california. you guys as an example have been here since when? >> night before last. >> reporter: night before last? >> yes. >> reporter: and you took the kitties. >> yes. >> reporter: is this the first time. >> yes. >> reporter: this is tradition? >> it's all worth it. we're camped out and we get up.
8:40 am
it's cold. >> reporter: it's cold. it's very cold. i was showing you that. i'm gonna take a look around here. say hello to san francisco and the bay area as they give you a warm happy new year here from southern california. i would say it's warm but not very warm here this morning. but we're all huddled together here and enjoying the parade. about five and a half miles long. it takes about two hours. this should be over at about 10:00 this morning. they go at a snail's pace at about 2 to 5 miles an hour. a lot of fun here in california, in southern california a really big tradition for us here in pasadena. dave an tori, back to you. >> bob decastro joining us live along the parade lute there in pasadena -- route there in pasadena. and this year, of course, stanford has a chance to win its first rosebowl since 1972. the 8th rank cardinal will take on wisconsin this afternoon. stanford is a six-point
8:41 am
favorite. her than 38,000 fans have boughticts it to the games -- have bought tickets to the games. no doubt stanford fans who cannot be in pasadena will be glued to televisions across the bay area. the stanford alumni association lists a few large rosebowl parties. the dutch goose in menlo park. the republic in san francisco's marina district, compaid rays rio grill -- compaid rays re-- compadres rio grill. all right. 8:40. police in gilroy, very busy. they are investigating a fatal new year's eve shooting. what we now know about the victim and who the police are looking for. >> reporter: and he was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans but this morning a missing hiker was found alive. he survived 30-degree temperatures. we'll have his story -- coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
8:42 am
8:43 am
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this morning all eyes ron the house of representatives, that's arthe u.s. senate approved a -- that's after the u.s. senate approved a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff this morning. rene marsh is live with what will probably happen after the house reconvenes this morning.
8:45 am
good morning, rene. >> reporter: good morning, tori. they should be on capitol hill about in 15 minutes. what we're learning this morning something all of the house republicans will meet to discuss this fiscal cliff package. it's now in their land. what will they do with it -- what will they do? could tomly kate things more -- could -- to complicate things more, eric canter has said they are not sure if they will vote on it today. we're just waiting to see what happens. let's talk about last night. vice president biden was on the hill. biden and senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell, they both worthed together very closely to work out -- worked together to work out this compromise. and we now know that
8:46 am
individuals making more than 400,000 and families making more than $450,000 will see their taxes go up. and while those automatic spending cuts are delayed until the beep ginning of march, the cost -- beginning of march, the cost of the delay, $24 billion. they will pay for that with spending cuts and new revenue that will all offset the -- the cost of delay. 89-8 an overwhelming vote. one other piece of information we also know that vice president biden will be back on the hill. he will be meeting with house democrats as they try to move forward and see what they are gonna do with this fiscal cliff package. tori, back to you. >> all right, rene marsh, live in washington, d.c. now, the senate vote also avoids the so-called dairy cliff that ectends parts of an expired farm hill that prevents provisions to increase milling
8:47 am
prices without the legislation, milling prices were expected -- milk prices without the legislation, milk prices were expected to double. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories. there was new year's eve gunfire last night. among that big crowd celebrating along san francisco's embarcadero, a 12- year-old boy was among three people who were wounded but all of them are expected to survive. so far, no arrests have been made. plus -- a missing hiker recovering right now after being rescued just hours ago near mount tamalpais. brian flores is there. you've been on this story for a couple of hours. it took quite a while to rescue this man. brian? >> reporter: yeah, it took quite a while. it was very cold as well. it's very surprising aleast according to officials he was -- surprising at least to officials that he was found alive. about an hour ago ago -- an hour and a half ago he was transported to a hospital.
8:48 am
he's listed in fair condition from the fridgeid temperatures. he's very lucky to be alive. he's been identified as dennis kline. he's a resident of mill valley. officials say yesterday afternoon, he parked to hike down to stinson beach. a few hours later, he called 911 to say he was lost, disoriented and injured. sometime last night, they lost contact with him on his cell phone. that's when emergency crews, which mostly consisted of about 65 volunteer search and rescue crews combed the mountain. officials say he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and they did find him around 3:00 this morning. they say they don't know the reason why he was out there with only a minimal amount of clothing. but they say he likes to frequent the area and go on hikes and runs. >> we're told he's in fair condition. he's been out in the elements
8:49 am
since i don't know exactly what time yesterday afternoon. we had temperatures reported up on mount tamalpais being in the upper 30s, some places maybe even freezing. so very fortunate that i'm told that he's in good and fair condition. >> very fortunate, indeed. originally, there was supposed to be a chp helicopter that was supposed to airlift him down down to the base near stinson beach because there was just heavy trees. there was power line issues as well. rescue officials thought it best just to physically carry him down the mountain. they say it took him about four hours to do so. but again, as we're back out here live, he's listed in fair condition. he was showing signs of hypothermia. i believe it. i've been out here a few minutes. but he's very lucky to be alive. that's according to officials. bryan flores, ktvu channel 2
8:50 am
kut. men hiking near china camp friday night and they got lost. they called for help on saturday when their cell phone signal returned. a chp helicopter was not able to rescue them until sunday. the men are in their 20s. none were hurt. one of the survivers of the deadly tour bus crash in oregon is talking about the tragedy. police say the charter bus was going from las vegas to vancouver when it lost control on ice and snow on interstate 24 in pendleton, oregon. the bus rolled 200 feet down a mountain canyon. a survivor survived the heartbreaking chaos. >> people screamed and yelled. some -- some mothers screamed to find their son or daughter. >> two survivers told police they thought the bus was going too fast down the pass.
8:51 am
many passengers were korean, ranging in age from 70 to 74. nine people died. officers are struggling to identify the survivors. many were separated from their passports and i.d.s. police in gilroy say a man who was shot overnight has paid. police say the man was shot several times around 9:30 last night on old gilroy street. he was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. police are out there searching for the driver of a clark- colored sedan seen in the area at the time of the shooting. well, pinnacle's monument my be soon turned into a -- may be turned into a park. it's east of highway 101 near soledad. a bill would turn this no the 59th national park, it's passed the senate and is waiting for president obama's signature. barbara boxer an dianne feinstein sponsored the bill.
8:52 am
the monuments receive less funding and afford fewer protections to wildlife than national parks. a rough start to the new year at point reyes national seashore, where a road is closed. a large gap opened up on limentour road. a culvert under the road failed. the closure is affecting access to the beach, sky and coast trailheads and the point reyes hostile but all park facilities and trams remain -- and trails and remains -- remains closed. if you are a pg&e customer you will see changes in your bill this month. starting today, electric bills are going up about 2%.
8:53 am
gas rates, they are going down, almost 6%. however, those lower gas prices, they won't last long. next month, pg&e will raise gas rates about 2%. that will help pay for pipeline safety upgray. they were mandated by state regulators after the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. well -- well, san francisco's tree recycling program begin tomorrow. if you are a resident you are asked to remove all of your christmas tree decorations before you put your tree outside. those christmas trees should be placed next to your trash bin on your regular trash pickup day. the tree recycling program will run through january 11th. 8:52. we're learning about a very serious accident in san francisco's mission district. ktvu's tara moriarty will will et us know more -- will let us know more information about it. and will the 49ers' kicker be replaced before the playoffs?
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
jim harbaugh will be trying out kickers to possibly replace david akers. the team will hold tryouts this week. but we don't know if a new kicker will be inserted into the lineup for the upcoming playoffs. now, after these tryout, the coach says he could decide whether to keep acres or bring in a new kicker to replace him or have acres in and a new
8:57 am
kicker compete for the new job. acres missed two field goals in sunday's victory over the cardinals. . part of the nfl season could be saved today this the -- part of the nhl season could be saved today if there is a deal. yesterday, the players' union gave their counteroffer to the league and may get a response by this morning. a deal would have to be reached by january 11th in order to have a 48-game season. if approved the games would start no later than january 19th. the raiders fired greg knap and three assistants but they kept allen and mckenzie. the raiders ended their season with a logs on sunday to the chargers. they had -- with a loss on sunday with the chargers. all right. it is ticket tuesday.
8:58 am
today's winners will get to kick it into overdrive at the silicon valley auto show. six very lucky viewers, you will win a family four pack to use between january 10th and the 13th. now, at this show you can actually sit behind the wheel, inspect the engines and even take a spin in several new model. for your chance to win, go to, do it before midnight, put in the secret word, "revving." we want to check in one more time with tara. we're ending on a sad note. a serious incident in san francisco. >> it looks like an incident involving two cars near 20th and south van ness. we're not sure if this is an zen, some type of crime. witnesses are reporting a lot of crime scene up. this is in the mission district. reportedly one car has crashed into a store. alex savidge is on the wa the we have multiple -- is on the way. we have multiple injuries being reported. we're waiting to receive confirmation. we'll have much more coming up at noon.
8:59 am
we're gonna head over to steve. there you go. >> thank you, tara. the secret word for weather is cold. it's chilly out there. it will be sunny. a little bit of patchy fog, very cold tonight into wednesday morning. frost and feed warnings posted for tomorrow -- frost and and freeze warnings posted for tomorrow. be sure to watch the news at noon. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us.

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